I really like it as well. Simply play in Mut 21 coins one sim league along with occassional spamming of plays was always reason for heated debate. The question is what the best settings for people are.

We're probably going to go with Limit 3 as well but strict two play cooldown. Just seems a bit even though on the shield side. We are at the stage now so we'll also reevaluate from the Offseason.

This QB draft logic shit is just sad, that should not be something just getting patched by now that the NFL season is over.Glad to know it wasnt just me. I took control of Jacksonville to make sure that they took Lawrence then threw up my hands when I saw that shit lol.

It's not just said that it happens after the season is almost over, it is the simple fact that it took this long simply to fix it.I hate EA as far as the next person but I'm happy they're doing something.

I thought maybe it'd get into the point at which the buy Madden 21 coins wouldn't endure something with such a poor rating because the nfl doesn't like negativity witu their brand.But that the problem is Madden makes the NFL cash. And despite all of the terrible reviews it is not costing the league ticket revenue or viewership. And in the end of the day that is all that the owners care about.

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