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The moment you set foot on Ashdale Island, Gudrik will meet you. He will introduce you to the game interface and demonstrate the key concepts of RuneScape. Besides, you can defeat an evil wizard and cut her hat.

Performing actions related to a skill allows you to gain experience points (XP) for the skill, and when you gain XP, the level of the skill will increase. Higher skill levels will bring new activities: manufacturing equipment, exploring locations, completing tasks, etc.

Skills marked with this icon are member skills, although non-members can train most skills to level 5 to preview the products they offer. OSRS Gold is indispensable for you in Old School Runescape, you can use it in exchange for various weapons, equipment, and even upgrade your level.

The Minimap is the best friend of the adventurer. In addition to showing you the surrounding area, it also has two basic functions: home teleportation and world map.

Home Teleport: This will return you to any sandstone that has been visited and activated, please note that despite this, this cannot be done in combat. You may need a certain level of equipment or level to be able to win.

World map: the best way to find the next adventure. Click the World Map button, and then use the filter options on the left side of the World Map interface to find the type of content you are most interested in.

The daily challenge is almost a task that players will carry out. You only need to spend about 20 minutes a day and provide you with a good XP boot guide. Obtaining OSRS Gold is a very time-consuming thing. Many players usually choose to obtain it from reliable websites in the pursuit of upgrading.

If you still want to purchase some special items to improve your combat effectiveness, but you do not have enough OSRS Gold, You can Buy OSRS Gold on RSgoldBuy, this is the fastest way.

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