by on June 15, 2021

Rocket League‘s today's occasion is stay. The Llama-Rama event is part of Rocket League Trading a collaboration with Fortnite and has a unique reward in inventory for players who complete 5 challenges: Fortnite‘s Battle Bus as a playable vehicle.

The Llama-Rama event changed how players acquire confined-time rewards. Instead of gaining an specific currency (such as candy corns or snowflakes) after every match and the use of them to gather new gadgets, the Llama-Rama event has five particular, clear-cut demanding situations. Completing every intention will provide out a selected beauty, and carrying out all 5 yields the massive prize: the Battle Bus.

The challenges aren’t in particular complicated and it’s probably a depend of RL Prices time earlier than gamers breeze via the entire list. The goals have a handful of prerequisites, however, that contain using specific Llama-Rama cosmetics.

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