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First up, we've got the Ancient Gizmo. Covering all 3 different types of gizmo - weapon, instrument and armour -- you will use these to get new perks from new Archaeology materials. That's not all, however -- most of 9 slots in the Historical Gizmo will be unlocked, letting you experiment further to find perk mixes and ranks that were previously circulated.

Next, we have the XP capacitor. If you have ever wanted to level your augmented objects faster, to either siphon them for longer XP or to get to level 20, then this is the device for you. An empty XP capacitor takes a number of this item XP you would normally make whilst training with augmented items, and instead fills the gadget. When the unit is complete, it may be traded to other players and they will make double item XP till the capacitor runs dry. It is like bonus XP, however for your Invention items. Another device found from the past is that the Kinetic Dynamo. Not content with only using Guthix juice to power your Invention needs, with the KineticDynamo you will be able to create Divine Charges by simply running around or surging. When you've done enough running with all the Kinetic Dynamo on you, then it is going to charge up and provide you Divine Charges until it breaks.I've attached an informal list of what I believe to be the large questions which need answering. I have my own personal answers to some of these questions, but almost all them are subjective and some kind of community consensus is what I need to attempt to collect. Feel free to let me understand your own opinion, and also to make your case for why others must agree with you. I'm sure there are a lot more I haven't thought of, so I will add to the list if I need to. Should we try to maintain the status quo as much as you can, or make radical changes if we believe we will need to? Which compromises are okay to get a greater quality upgrade? How important is it for your core gameplay of a skill to be satisfying and enjoyable? What should be the balance of profit between: Is it acceptable to get a skill to be costly to level however profitable in cap?

What is the fundamental driving force behind the economy? Should we? To what extent if we are attempting to  OSRS gold control the economy rather than getting a free marketplace? What virtues do we would like to market by making them profitable? (e.g. time, effort, skill, loyalty) If we are thinking in this manner in any way? What are the balance of availability and effectiveness between gear from skills and equipment from falls? Is it acceptable for any fall table values to fall? If so, by how much? Is it suitable for low level stuff to become less useful and therefore less valuable?

Is it important to protect alternate skilling methods that were added to freshen the ability? Is it important to protect rewards that the player worked hard for? Is it very important to shield benefits that the player was just given at no real price? Is newer material more important to safeguard than mature content? Is better material more important to safeguard than weaker content? Is it acceptable to make content into dead content if it improves other content? Is it better to  Old School RuneScape Gold have 2 mediocre but viable options, or one awesome option and one terrible option? How precious is it to get 2 distinct skilling paths to provide for alternate playstyles?

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