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The newest Animal Crossing: New Horizons patch 1.2.1 brought several changes and updates to the game. But one of the updates, the delivery and liquidation services from DAL, isn't as handy as players once thought.While the new seasonal update has added wedding themes and heart crystals to the newest Animal Crossing, it also brought about some other changes. The item duplication glitch no longer seems to work, as well as some changes that Nintendo's patch notes said, "Addressed issues to further ensure an enjoyable gaming experience."

But one of the most notable changes this month has been the delivery and liquidation service from DAL, the all-important travel service. This service allows players on Harv's island to send back items to their home's storage or sell them to the Nook's Cranny through Wilbur, the baritone dodo who pilots the planes players ride from island to island. However, this service doesn't extend to where it would be most helpful: mystery islands. Furthermore,You can buy Cheap ACNH Bells at by using the code “Z2U” for a 3% discount.

Whenever a player is doing the new wedding photography challenges on Harv's island, whether they are making a super weird wedding or a normal one, they have the option to use DAL to send inventory overflow back to their home island. Players can either liquidate items by selling them through Wilbur, or they can have Wilbur send them to their home's inventory, as long as their home inventory has room. The prices for the sale are the same as Nook's Cranny sell prices, and bells take until the next day to reach the player.

While this feature is a fantastic addition to the game, it seems a little bit weird that it is not available where it would be most helpful. Players would get much more use out of a system that allowed them to send stuff home on an island where they are actually collecting things, like random mystery islands or while visiting friend's islands. This feature just doesn't have the usefulness that it could, and it seems like a massive oversight on Nintendo's part.

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