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Button-shooters are  NBA 2K21 MT just hoping to master the perfect timing, whilst shot-stick shooters have to master aim. When you shoot the shot rod, you're basically controlling the shot meter with your right stick. The timing is obviously going to be perfect, but you've got until the end of the particular shot cartoon to lineup the meter together with the candy section of the meter.

To put it plainly, shooting with the stick is more challenging, which in itself is an advantage to some. Along with that, there's another potential benefit.

Taking away the timing part eliminates, or greatly reduces the punishment several online gamers deal with due to latency. That could have a major impact on online leagues, and that's what the NBA 2K League has become due to the pandemic.The shot stick also creates an obvious power gap and it would encourage users who have been shooting with the buttons to find out a new wrinkle.

But if there is 1 thing I have heard about sports players it is they say they need innovation, however when they get it, if said invention is too far of a departure from what they have grown used to, they reverse out.There are tons of such tweets, but there are also several people that are saying they adopt the challenge, or have mastered using the rod to shoot.

It's important to keep in mind, even in the event that you don't like the shot stick, 2K has not taken away your ability to use the buttons to shoot. That is a good thing. Imagine what the social networking response is if this was the only way to shoot the ball moving forward.I like the challenge using the shot-stick creates, and I also like that there's a  Buy 2K MT boost for people who use this particular mechanic. Even further, there's a bigger increase for people using it with no meter on the display for a guide.


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