by on September 11, 2021

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade classic has been officially launched. Both old players and new players will be able to pass through the Dark Portal and face the demonic Burning Legion in the shattered Outland world. Before the game starts, two things need to be prepared. First, a classic server will be created, leaving the current Vanilla WoW Classic experience as it is. At the same time, the current classic server will update the Burning Crusade expansion pre-patches.

When the pre-patch arrives, players can choose to stay on their current classic server. Because it entered the first expansion of World of Warcraft. Or move their characters to the vanilla classic server. They will be able to select this option for each role currently on the classic server. Players who choose to suffer can go to and choose Buy TBC Gold US before making a decision. During the Burning Crusade classic pre-patch period, players can use two new playable races: blood elves and Draenei.

For players who don't want to experience the original classic mission experience, Blizzard will provide a way to upgrade to level 58. This is the entry requirement for the Dark Portal. Players at the lowest level can start the mission in Hellfire Peninsula. However, players can only get one bonus per account, which does not apply to blood elves and Draenei players. Upgrades are not allowed on vanilla classic servers where level 60 is still the upper limit. The enhanced character will start with blue dungeon equipment and basic level 40 mounts.

Any new version update will be changed again based on player feedback. There is a gap in the transition from the classic to the burning expedition classic. Not all content is the same. Each version has its characteristics. Generally speaking, fans of Burning Crusade prefer to choose Buy TBC Gold US for exciting and exciting games. However, I hope that Blizzard can regain the feeling of Burning Crusade just like in World of Warcraft nostalgia.

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