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Both we and you have long been tired of the canonical answers in style: the best option is a pure product without any additives!

Drawing parallels, it should be said that if mankind had not started looking for alternative uses for wheat grains, then we would never have tasted such familiar and loved us things like beer, pasta, or cakes. We think it’s time to move on. Leave the raw product for raw foodists.

Then it all depends on your personal preferences, we will just share information on how to take mushrooms to have the time of one’s life.

But before starting your trip, here’s a quick safety briefing from experienced tour guides: don’t overdo your dosage. For a light and relaxed first dive, one gram of quality mushrooms will be enough. If you have already had experience with this condition, then you can slightly increase their number.  The main thing is not to take the subsequent experience as a challenge, and do not try to test yourself for strength. And the last thing that should be strictly learned: the use of acidic foods and drinks along with magic mushrooms significantly enhances the effect of psilocybin.

This boring advisor has left the chat. Now only on the case.

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Shroom Tea

Why should you choose tea? To understand the pros and cons of this way of using funny magical substances, you first need to understand for yourself how they work. Psilocybin causes hallucinogenic effects due to the poisoning of the body, but if you approach this issue rationally, you can soften the blow to the stomach, which is immensely difficult to assimilate such a supplement. Now, understanding the process itself, it will be easier for you to choose the favor of tea. 

Of the obvious advantages, one can name the minimum amount of effort expended with the maximum result, a pleasant taste variety (you choose what to add to the drink – lemon, honey, tea leaves, mint, sugar, medicinal herbs, tea rose buds, cinnamon, other various spices, etc.), the cheapness of the method, more gradual absorption of psilocybin, no nausea.  Most researchers say this is the best way to take shrooms.

The procedure for preparation for those who chose in favor of tea:

Firstly, using a coffee grinder will turn the product into powder.

Second, cover with hot water, add ingredients as desired.

Third, leave the special tea to brew for about 15 minutes.

Fourthly, have a nice tea party.

You can also even freeze the liquid until next time, or store it in the fridge for several days. Although, this might decrease the effectiveness of the substance.

Shroom Smoothie

This method is great for those who want to mask the flavor without getting too overwhelmed. As well as tea, it helps your stomach to cope with stress. If you’re also hungry, you can try this method. We’ve put together two recipes for you from experienced mushroom lovers to get you all done in the blink of an eye:

  1. Crush the narcotic fruit in a pounder.
  2. Make your favorite smoothie, add the mushrooms and beat with a blender a couple of times.  This is to ensure that all the ingredients are well mixed.
  3. Drink with pleasure.

It is also recommended storing the resulting mixture in the fridge.

For the laziest ones, there are other ways to consume shrooms. Just grab your favorite juice: apple, cherry, tomato, etc., but be careful with orange, tangerine, and grapefruit.

Pour in a little, then add the crushed fruiting bodies and shake the bottle. Now just enjoy the result!

Since the body absorbs liquid very quickly, the narcotic effects will come much earlier.

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