by on November 25, 2021

Khorne was already at the bank, so he went to OSRS gold buy a full meal and returned to eating it while I took food. Since it wasn't multi-colored, we decided to pj the item. We alternated attacking it, and when we ran out of food, we would take a loan. He continued to fight it vice versa. The cycle continued until we ate four tons of food in one revision.

I have an issue. How is it possible to own revs of lvl75 and lvl60 each on only one load of food yet not be able kill an lvl63 with four loads? It was ridiculous that the rev didn't cease to heal... I tried to str pray and attack to kill him, but he wouldn't accept it. We finally gave up and ran. Are revs supposed to be so strong?

I mean they are unlike any other monster I have encountered... they even freeze you and farcast... PLZ GIVE TIPS ON HOW TO KILL these monsters if POSSIBLE... And i find rev hunting an extremely difficult task, so I do it .... but had no idea they would be this effective. Is it possible to buy RuneScape Mobile gold kill a monster that isn't 20 levels below you?

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