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A video slot is a type of slot machine with vertical spinning reels and pay-lines. The prefix "video" means the transition from mechanics in a real machine to the image on the screen. That is, there were no spinning reels in fact, and a gambler at video slots casino just observed the process, and the internal computer produced random sequences of numbers.

The transition from mechanics to software greatly facilitated the game process, because the classic slots became easier to maintain and innovate. Thus, we have thematic slots and additional rules of the game, and slot machine games from a couple of option have grown to the numerous in kind and popular type of online gambling.

After the transition to online of all slot machines, the meaning of the prefix "video" disappeared, because, theoretically, all machines are now just a visualization of familiar images, and now the main difference between new video slots and classic slot games is in the game mechanics.

When you hear that the slot machine is "classic", then you should understand that there will be three reels and one pay-line. In some classic slot machines (most often these are Fruit ones) each reel is separately stopped by its button. The new online video slots have a lot of variations, which differ in the number of reels (mainly starting from five), the number of pay-lines, and their shape (not only horizontal but, for example, diagonal). The design, style, rules, combinations, etc. of new video slot machines are limited only by the imagination of the developers.

Compared to their predecessors, new video slots to play can boast:

An increased number of variables (symbols, lines, and reels).

Prize games, bonuses, jackpots, risk gambling, etc.

video slots to play

Interesting graphics and animations, sometimes with the use of VR technologies.

But in general, nothing has changed, you spin the reels, get a set of symbols on the line and wait for winning combinations.

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