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Welcome To Diablo II: Resurrected Build Guide for the Lightning Trapsin. Its Build Guide will cover topics such as Build Overview, Stat Points, Skill Points, Charms, Mercenary, and Equipment recommendations.

 Build Overview for Lightning Trapsin

 Lightning Trapsin is one of the most sought-after builds for an Assassin which makes use of Lightning Sentry and Death Sentry as the main abilities. The corpse explosion effect of Death Sentry makes clearing large crowds of enemies effortless when using this build. Trapsin is also a highly recommended build for those who are just beginning to play Diablo II for the first time, as this build doesn't require costly gear to start (but it can be expensive for the end-game Assassins) It's also a safe way to play, dropping Traps from the distance.

 This build also uses Traps which deal with multiple kinds of damage, making it relatively straight forward for different enemy types. The Assassins are a very popular option for Player against Player content, since Assassins have a large toolkit that they can use. In terms of the gameplay, it's very simple. Simply throwing traps is all it takes. this build has low skill requirements, making it a great choice for newbies.

 Key Items for Lightning Trapsin

 For the Lightning Trapsin, there really aren't any essential items that are crucial making the building succeed. One of the things to consider is dual-wielding Claw Weapons that are needed for Weapon Block. In addition the only additional thing to be looking for is an Infinity runeword for your Mercenary that lets them kill lightning-resistant enemies much faster.

 Stats for Lightning Trapsin

 Strength - Strength determines which kind of equipment your Assassin can wear, as well as the amount of melee damage you deal. Melee damage isn't that important in this type design, therefore really concentrate on gaining enough strength to equip the most effective gear. 95 Strength is required to get war Traveler Boots.

 Dexterity is the factor that determines the chance of blocking and attack ratings. If you're an Assassin, you need Dexterity for equipping Claw Weapons, so definitely spend points on this. How much you'll need will be determined by the type of Claw you've found, but for the best Claws you'll require 79 Dexterity.

 Vitality - Vitality is the determinant of Health total, Stamina total, and recovery of stamina. The place you'll invest all points after reaching necessary strength and dexterity needs for each item.

 Energy - Energy determines Mana total and Mana recovery. In fact, Assassins are able to use Mana but it's not worth investing Stat Points into Energy, so don't be fooled by this statistic.

 Skills for Lightning Trapsin

 Assassins can choose from three Skill Trees, Martial Arts, Shadow Disciplines, and Traps. As an Lightning Trapsin You'll put all on your Skill points on Traps. Traps Skill tree. It's giving you access to the primary capabilities Lightning Sentry and Death Sentry. One thing that is unique to the Assassin is the synergy there is within the Traps Skill Tree, which is basically all the skills required by this build will enhance other abilities by picking them. In other words, all 5 of the Skills from the Traps Skill tree will be maxed out to 20/20.

 Lightning Sentry and Death Sentry is this builds primary two skills. They do the most damage and it is the one that this build focuses on. Lightning Sentry can kill enemies and then Death Sentry to detonate those corpses to do more damage. The current version of Lightning Sentry receives synergy bonuses from Shock Web, Charged Bolt Sentry as well as Death Sentry. Death Sentry receives synergy bonuses from Fire Blast and Lightning Sentry. Naturally, we'll want put Skill points into all of these abilities to gain Lightning Sentry and Death Sentry in the best shape possible.

 Leveling Skills as Lightning Traps

 Learning to become a Lightning Trapsin isn't that bad, due to the fact that Fire Blast and Wake of Fire are powerful skills early on and can carry the Assassin through the initial difficulty quite easily. Once you reach about level 40, it's easy to reset your skill points, and switch over onto the Lightning Build to finish the game off with. Each difficulty of the game gives you a free Skill Reset, by completing one of the "Den of the Evil" mission in Act I.

 Best Charms for Lightning Trapsin

 Small Charms typically for small Charms, lightning trapsins should search for All Resistance or +Life Charms in order to overcome the Resistances needed for Hell Difficulty. Picking up extra Resistances from Charms will make gearing easier to manage. Annihilus is one of the most powerful Small Charm you can have in your collection, giving the benefit of +1 skills, + attributes, all resistances that increase by 10-20 and even a Bonus Experience modifier, making it extremely valuable.

 Large Charms Much like Small Charms Similar rules apply for Large Charms. All Resistance and Bonus Life, as well as Magic Find are what you are looking for. To find unique Large Charms Work your way towards obtaining the Hellfire Torch, which grants an increase in skills, abilities and all Resistances with a +10-20.

 Grand Charms - To get Grand Charms you'll need something with Traps Skills that are +. This is obviously a powerful Grand Charm for a Lightning Trapsin, giving the ability to boost your five primary skills. Another Grand Charm you can look for is Gheed's Fortune, giving a massive boost to Gold drops, and reducing Vendor Price, and a chunk in Magic Find. The Grand Charm comes from any monster in Hell difficulty.

 Best Mercenary to use for Lightning Trapsin

 In the Lightning Trapsin because you're going to want to remain behind to throw traps and down, your Mercenary is vital to make this build successful. It is also helpful if you have the proper equipment on your Mercenary and your Merc can help you kill Lightning defenseless enemies. It is recommended to pick up the Act 2 Mercenary with the Aura Holy Freeze, as this will give your traps longer time to deal damage to enemies.

 Weapon Infinity Runeword : Infinity Runeword is extremely valuable. Infinity provides the Conviction Aura that reduces the strength and defenses of your enemies. In addition, with Ininfity The Trapsin's Mer will provide both Holy Freeze and Conviction, an extremely powerful Aura combo.

 Helmet - Andariel's Visage, Vampire Gaze, or Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest are all great options. Each comes with a form of Leech. This is crucial for keeping your Mercenary alive (and maintaining the Auras in good shape in the case of the Assassin).

 Body Armor Body Armor - The Fortitude Runeword is recommended, that provides Resistances, Enhanced Damage as well as Defense and Life. You need your Mercenary to be alive so that they can continue to use the essential Auras. An alternative to the Fortitude Runeword is Duriel's Shell that's not as effective, but it does provide the Mercenary all the features we're looking for.

 Best Equipment for Lightning Trapsin


 Lightning Trapsins require +Skills and +Resistances. So, the most effective piece of equipment to use for a Trapsin is going come from Magic Claws. Magic Claws can offer +3 All Skills, +3 Death Sentry, and the ability to add Lightning Sentry, which is essentially +6 in Lightning Sentry and Death Sentry. Apart from that the best option is Heart of the Oak if you plan to use the Flail and Shield combo to be more defensive. Another good Claw alternative is Bartuc's cut-Throat.


 In the ideal scenario, the Lightning Trapsin won't use an Shield and will instead prefer +6 to Lightning Sentry for both Claw weapons, but in the event there is the possibility of a fight that is difficult in the future, it might be an excellent idea to switch to an Spirit Shield.


 For the best equipment the Lightning Trapsin needs an Magic or Rare Helmet that provides +All Skills including +Traps Skills or +Assassin Skills, and +Resistances. Harlequin Crest is your second most preferred option for a helmet slot on a Lightning Trapsin, which offers the ability to gain +2 All Skills, 50% Magic Find as well as the ability to reduce physical damage.

 Body Armor

 As with most builds for end-game, Enigma Runeword is your best choice for as a Body Armor. Teleport is actually very compatible with the style of play of Trapsin. Trapsin that allows the Assassin to swiftly move across the battlefield, surrounded by an enemy group, and laying traps in the process. While working toward obtaining an Enigma and Treachery, it is a fantastic second choice in Body Armor, offering +2 Assassin Skills.


 If you are looking for this Gloves equipment slot, there are a few choices to choose from for Faster Cast rate. Magefist as well as Trang-Oul's Claws are both great options with a good chunk of faster casting. When it comes to Trapsin it is important to have a mix of both Faster Cast Rate and a higher Attack Speed. For throwing out traps, you require an increase in Attack Speed. Everything else is Faster Cast Rate.


 Aldur's Advance offers a massive 40% speed increase in run/walk speeds, basically making them our Top Boots with a clear speed choice. When it comes to the Lightning Trapsin our most requested stats include Faster Run/Walk and Faster Hit Recovery. Life, and Resistances. Apart from Aldur's Advance The dependable War Traveler is a great alternative.


 If you are looking for Amulets there are really only two options: Mara's Kaleidoscope or a Magic or Rare Amulet with 3 Traps Skills, and a faster casting rate or life. Both come with +Skills. This is actually the most important aspect here.


 Raven Frost is pretty much a necessity for most Diablo II: Resurrected Builds. If you want to use the second ring slot there are a few choices: for example, Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band or even the old-fashioned reliable Stone of Jordan. One of the most crucial things you are looking for in the second option will be +All Skills.


 Arachnid Mesh is the best option for a lightning trapsin since it gives you All Skills with a greater Cast Speed and a second source of movement slow , other to The Mercenary Holy Freeze Aura. When the Lightning Trapsin requires more Attack Speed for laying traps quicker, Goldwrap is also a ideal choice for your Belt slot.

 Breakpoints for Lightning Trapsin

 Breakpoints are specific percentage values at which an animation for Faster Cast Rate (FCR) Faster Hit Recovery (FHR), faster block rate (FBR) and the increased attack speed (IAS) are made to be a frame slower or faster. Diablo II: Resurrected has retained its 25 frame per second (fps) speeds of the original. The breaking point not only moves the animation ahead, but it also allows the character to perform more actions within a smaller duration. While it may seem like much to limit the actions by just a single frame, breakpoints can add up significantly.

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