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A great setup for slayer which is fairly cheap OSRS Membership is to utilize a Slayer Helm, or Neitznot (sp?) Helm until you acquire the slayer's helm Amulet of Glory, Fighter Torso (can easily be acquired within a couple of hours) torag's platelegs Verac's Plateskirt if you will be using prayer on your assignments as it grants prayer bonuses, Whip/Dragon Scimitar, Dragon Defender, and Dragon Boots as well as Obsidian Cape (unless you're wearing a firecape or skillcape).

Make sure to keep in mind that this is only a suggestion for equipment You can always change things up. For instance, you could swap out your defender for Obsidian's shield, if you think you'll need the extra defensive boost, and you could always use dragon platelegs in case you do not intend to repair the armor of your barrow as it degrades during combat.

If you don't have the quest requirements for the helms, GET THEM. If you are planning to undertake any kind of slaying, you must go through The Smoking Kills quest as soon as you are able. Don't be afraid to try out various things and find which ones work for you.

The whole setup will cost you around 2-2.5M it is a superb overall setup for killing. Remember to also use some of that cash to buy super sets (Super Strength/Attack/Defence potions) that you should be using on ALL your slayer tasks.

It might seem like you are spending some money at first, however it speeds up your tasks substantially and is well priced in the end, as you'll be making money from your slayer drop / clue scrolls anyway.

This portion of this OSRS GP Thieving Guide is for players who aren't confident enough to be able to successfully complete Fight Arena. All over RuneScape players can find Man Women NPC's walking around. One place you can find them can be found is Lumbridge Castle. Then, steal from them up to 5 level. It's very quick, will take just a few seconds and there is no other choice at this level.

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