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This is a guide to dunks to NBA 2K22 MT help you master basic concepts, control, and tricks to finish well in the paint during NBA 2K22. There are two methods to dunk NBA 2K22; pressing the shoot button or pointing the right stick towards the rim - either way while holding an accelerator trigger.

Depending on the console you're using, holding down on the square for PS5 or the X button for Xbox users , while holding the triggers R2 and RT or trigger, respectively, will let the player shoot for the shot. Alternately, you could move the right stick towards the hoop while pressing the trigger for RT or R2 to perform a dunk should you opt for that option.

The dunk counter in NBA 2K22 is a brand new feature to the game. This is similar to the shot meter because you have to time your dunk or layup in the green box of the player. Timing is the key to dunks in NBA 2K22 as every finish needs the shot meter, regardless of dunk, layup or alley-oop.

The size of the green box can nba mt be different. A higher dunk rating as well as the positioning of a player will give them a greater likelihood of successfully completing the move. If you are facing a player who is guarding the paint, it will most likely cause a difficult to complete. The specialties and traits such as Lob City Finisher and Fearless Finisher provide players with a particular boost when trying to finish dunks near the rim.

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