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Make sure you purchase Lost Ark Gold this Founder's Pack.

Log in to the game and click on the icon for the box that shows an arrow pointing toward it.

This icon appears in the top left corner of your screen.

Once you've clicked on the box in the middle, you'll access the contents of your Founder's Pack, press on Claim.

Start your Inventory.

Simply right-click the Founder's Pack.

Choose Open.

Everything in the pack will be incorporated into your inventory, including that Lawmaker skin.

The Northern Lawmaker skin is made of four separate parts, which means you'll have to outfit all four parts to equip the skin.

All combat stats for Lost Ark explained

The numbers speak for themselves and they could spell trouble for your enemies.

Scott Robertson

Images via Smilegate as well as Amazon Studios

Combat is the most important thing that happens in Lost Ark. A MMO action RPG will see your character travel across the huge world, killing numerous enemies in the process.

After your class and Lost Ark Gold for sale
advanced classes are chosen, you'll be placed in the world with several class skills to master. The first step to becoming the deadliest version of yourself is understanding how combat statistics are used. These are not the same as basic stats like Attack and Health and have greater impact when you improve them.

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