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Once you reach level 320 in Lost Ark, you'll have to sharpen your gear. You'll get even better gear later and may feel like you've wasted your Jump Honor Stones and Crystal Shards. Fortunately, Gear Transfer solves this problem.

Gear Transfer transfers your stats from one honed gear to another. As such, each upgrade costs Honor Jump Stones and Crystal Shards. It is so simple. When upgrading to rarer gear, you should use Gear Transfer, as converting well-honed Uncommon gear to Rare can cost very little Lost Ark silver.


How to transfer equipment to Lost Ark?

You will find the Gear Transfer tab when you talk to the Gear Honing merchant. This tab is next to the Gear Honing tab. Once you get to this tab:

  • On the left, click on the piece of equipment you want to move good attributes to.
  • On the right, select the equipment you want to get features from.
  • Click Recycle

The gear on the right will be destroyed, and the gear on the right will be upgraded with the characteristics of the destroyed gear.

Vendors who specialize in gear sharpening can be found throughout the Lost Ark. One of them can be found in Verne Castle, shown above.

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