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It is also important to note that, as with all MT 2K22 Buy VC issues across the NBA 2K series, it's possible that using these methods in a manner that's obvious could potentially get your account banned. Even though 2K has been less stingy in dealing with these types of sanctions lately, you need to remember that you are in danger by using any method that is not sanctioned to get VC.

Therefore, we are not responsible for any disciplinary action that could result from using these errors. Now that we have everything set, let's go to the best part. Just after the release of NBA 2K22 players realized they could get easy VC by quitting out of this newer version of the game as the first game at Brickley's Gym was about to end.

This is technically possible with the most recent update of 2K22 but there's an additional wrinkle to the game. To earn your VC and badge progression from the match, you actually need to win every time.

So, open up your MyCareer, focusing with a profile that's been through all the basic tutorials. Then, head to Brickley's Gym and it's shown on your City map. You can enter the building and start your first game by talking at the NPC inside. Right after your badge progress gets loaded at the end the match, quit out to end the session.

Load back in, and immediately fast travel mt sites 2k22 when you hit the bumper to the right. If the glitch has been fixed correctly, the game is still operating as if you've not played that game. However, you still get to keep whatever badges you earned or VC you earned from the previous victory. You can continue playing in your very first round, keep winning and enjoy the rewards.

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