Javonte Williams isn't a part of Madden 22 coins the same pedigree or acclaim over him like Etienne Or Harris have But this doesn't mean that he shouldn't be considered a dark horse to one of the best runners in Madden nfl 23. Williams ran for 1.140 yards and 19 score for North Carolina State in 2021. Though he's never going to start in the real world for the Broncos However, the team has had some problems getting a productive back over the last few years.If Williams can overtake Melvin Gordon on the depth chart, he could get him see his Madden nfl 23 rating rise in the near future, before it even goes on sale. He's also among the players to keep an eye on because the initial rating is likely to not be very high. If he is able to get his place on the Broncos depth chart and proves he was able to earn it during this season's regular game, his player rating will rise quite a bit.

Tevin Coleman may make a Return to Madden nfl 23

Tevin Coleman makes a splash from this group because he's not yet a rookie. In fact, this will be his seventh season in the NFL, but his first on The New York Jets. It's his transition to a new team that could lead to him becoming an individual player who is different from the rest during Madden nfl 23. With the San Francisco 49ers, Coleman only ran 53 yards in 28 attempts, and was only in eight games due to an injury. Even before he got hurt, Coleman wasn't getting many carries. It's possible that this will change with the Jets who are slated to become the team's primary running back.

Coleman has been a starting running back in the past, and buy madden coins cheap ran for 800 yards in the 2018 season in the Atlanta Falcons. That's likely one of the reasons he started the season with a 77-point rating in Madden nfl 22. In reality, there's a great chance Coleman could be one of the best-rated, and possibly the highest-rated backs in the players in this group at least to open the season. If he's able to make a splash for the Jets and is as good as what he did in his final year with the Falcons it's possible that it will go higher.


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