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"We fell deeply in love with it as soon as we went to a wide-open viewing, and also the Antelope has played a large part within our London lives. We always planned around the wedding being minimalist so when we found our venue, I was inspired by how beautifully rustic it had been."

"My dress was from FeelTimes – it had been such a lovely experience; girls there were useful and professional, and it had been completely stress-free without any hard sells."

Michelle's bridesmaids wore dresses. She allow her to maids pick the dresses they believed most comfortable in, and also they wore them in blush pink.

The sweet flower girl wore white and gold flower girl dresses, with gold sequinned high-top Converse trainers.

"We met at Hull's legendary nightclub Spiders, in February 2008. We quickly made intends to move to London together and made the trip right down to our first flat within the following July."

"On our 10th anniversary, we visited stay in the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand where Ryan proposed at sunrise overlooking the gorgeous scenery and Elephants. We got married 1.5 years later."

"Ryan wore a bespoke designed to measure double-breasted burgundy suit from – who were useful throughout the full process and allow him to make sure he got precisely what he wanted." Click

"He also wore a pink paisley silk pocket square from and double monk-strap Loake tan brogues, that have been bought from eBay."

"We tailored our very own vows, and that we didn't reveal those to each other until these were read around the day once we wanted these phones to be a surprise. We had our friend execute a hand fastening ceremony with 5 different colored ribbons each representing a strand in our relationship. Friendship, Support, Comfort, Family, Laughter and Time."

"We chose to have two cakes – we'd a cheese tower which was given by, who has been brilliant at helping us pick the right cheese and the correct amount to look after our guests. The cake topping would be a vintage porcelain Siamese cat in honor of our beautiful cat, Twiggy."

"Luckily for all of us, some of our friends are DJs so they all include a shift in the reception. Ryan seemed to be in a band and got his own back after having performed at 2 weddings, by looking into making those two perform at our wedding, once we were signing the register."

"Without being too cliché, it had been all amazing. We had such fun, but if I was forced to choose a specific part, then your party bus would be a highlight – made better still by friends moving away from the bus and running into random off licenses around the route to obtain more fizz ensuring everyone was topped up."

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"Let your pals help you – they would like to be involved also it can relieve lots of stress! Most of all, appreciate it, it's in regards to you and in the end, what you would like is what you should attempt and make happen!"

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