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For the first spot in the top 10, we have the NBA 2K22 MT legend of Shaquille O'Neal. Four-time NBA champion was one of the best players when he was at his best during the late noughties. He was the NBA Finals MVP three times between 2000 and 2002.

'Shaq attack' was the name of a Paint Beast standing at 7'1 and would be a household name over his time at Miami Heat and LA Lakers. The Inside Scoring he scored is one of the top in the NBA has ever witnessed, featuring the 98 Layup, the 98 Driving Dunk and 98 Handles. He has a total of 27 Badges with 11 belong to the Hall of Fame level, during a span of time that ran from 1992 until 2011.

"Anything is possible!" came the cry from Kevin Garnett as Boston Celtics claimed they won the 2009 NBA victory over LA Lakers. They are known as the "Big ticket because of his amazing dunking and athleticism the stats he recorded in games show his superiority. He scored 97 Standing Dunk along with 98 Hustle as well as 91 in Athleticism in all.

As of the year 2020 He is among five NBA players Buy NBA 2K MT who have received both the NBA MVP and the Defensive player of the award of the year. There are 36 badges he has earned in the game including defensive leader as well as Brick Wall of which six include Hall of Fame level.Shooting isn't too bad within NBA 2K22. Thankfully, yes. One of the trickiest parts of NBA 2K21 was that shooting was not working. The game introduced a novel feature where you had to use your controller's joystick to shoot. It made shooting unbearable for those first days of the game. You can now shoot within NBA 2K22 and you don't need to be concerned about any difficulties with it.


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