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"MyCareer" mode "MyCareer" mode Nba 2k22 Mt allows players to create their own custom basketball player that goes on a journey that leads to becoming an NBA superstar. There was no effort to make an original or intriguing story. It's a story centers around a young social media player who has three options for his basketball career.

Each of the three choices has dull and boring stories. The low quality of the films can lead many players to simply skip over monotonous scenes and instead play basketball. Whatever path the player chooses is irrelevant as they all end at the same place making the rest unnecessary.

NBA 2K22's "MyCareer" story serves as an example of the game. Much like the choices you make during the game's mode do not impact the final outcome, nor do the promises made by 2K developers ever alter the quality of the game.

Every 2K edition has the same quality that 2k22 mt isn't great, and every year they generate huge amounts of cash. There is no competition in the extremely successful "basketball simulation" genre, it's like next year's review of this game will turn out to be just as monotonous as the series has become.

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