by on June 27, 2022

To mark the transition, it is getting a crossover with Rocket League Items  every other free-to-play Epic game, Fortnite, kicking off this weekend in both games. 

The Llama-Rama crossover will will let you free up themed rewards in Rocket League and Fortnite with the aid of completing 5 Rocket League challenges. Here's everything you could release, and what you will need to do to search out the loot:

Musician DJ Slushii, who I'm informed is a "Rocket League fan-preferred", will also be Buy Rocket League Items  placing on an in-game Fortnite live performance to shut out the Fortnite Presents: Spotlight series. If you, like me, are 1,000 years vintage, you may not realize who that is, but in case you play Rocket League your ears will at least be familiar with one in all his tracks, LUV U NEED U, which capabilities on the in-sport soundtrack. 

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