Go northeast towards the northeast from Cloud Valley portal into the next area Lost Ark Gold. The center of the area is a round raised wooden platform. You'll find the seventh mokoko right to the left of the staircase at the bottom, just front of some candles.

From here, head south down the stairs. From there, you can follow the western border of the area , and then work your way to the south. There will soon be an area of rocks with a seed, partially hidden in the mists.

Be cautious, as this is the realm of Chuo who is a tough boss mob.

Lost Ark 9th and 10th mokoko seeds in Twilight Mists

Port towards the Nimbus Cavern Triport for the ninth seed. It is right next to the triport to the right, at the foot of a tree.

Go south out of this area, and then south at the T-junction. When you reach the next junction, turn to the west, then head north through a bug-infested graveyard. Go over to the west of the graveyard to see an enormous spider, as well as the mokoko's last seeds that is Twilight Mists.

Lost Ark: Where To Find Every Mokoko Seed In Prisma Valley

Prisma Valley is one of the most tranquil regions of Lost Ark. It's full of temples, gardens, pavilions, and waterfalls. But there are also seven mokoko seeds to add to your collection. Read on below for a comprehensive guide on how to find each.

All mokoko seeds from Prisma Valley are easily accessible. They're all on one side, which is on the West making it an straightforward process to gather the entire collection. Two are a little tricky to locate due to their underground paths Lost Ark Gold buy, none of these require you to break up any barriers, or even learn the sheet music.

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