by on August 4, 2022

different Festivale things. He'll request three of a similar shading or one Rainbow Feather, which Nook Miles Ticket for Sale players can create utilizing one plume of each tone. In the days paving the way to Festivale, every one of the things will likewise be accessible for buy in the restricted time segment of Nook's Cranny.

Here is the full rundown of Festivale things, per Animal Crossing World:February marks the last month of the .

colder time of year season in the Northern Hemisphere, and that implies no more snow. On Feb. 25, the season will change to spring. Players can anticipate the arrival of Young Spring Bamboo and its going with occasional plans, which Isabelle will examine with her morning declarations on Feb. 25. Up to that point, it very well may be smart to continue to make ideal Snowboys to gather any extra frozen plans.

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