by on August 5, 2022

The Gold Cap is a topper that offers players a unique beauty that is very applicable in the sport. It is well worth 104,000 credit and extra than $1,000 in actual-life currency for those interested in the coveted beauty.

The Goldstone wheels have been simplest to be had for gamers who participated within the  Rocket League Credits Alpha Testing of the authentic Rocket League on PC in 2014. This exclusivity makes the Goldstone wheels a relatively-coveted item for their rarity. 

The prized set of wheels is worth round six hundred,000 credits or four,979 on Gamer Item Supply. The Goldstone wheels are certainly one of many Alpha Rewards that are to be had through change but are now not disbursed, making the ownership of 1 a rarity.

The Gold Rush is an object only Alpha Testers had been given. Aside from its cool gold aesthetic, the Buy Rocket League Credits Gold Rush is a restrained rocket enhance that allows provide a aggressive side in your car. 

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