by on August 5, 2022

The Chargers missed the playoffs last year, ending this 2021 NFL season with a record of 9-8. Maybe a shonen based storyline is precisely what they need to turn their fortunes around yet again Mut 23 Coins, after they only managed an appearance in the postseason in the year 2018 after the move to LA in 2017 from San Diego in 2017. But even those who aren't into football will appreciate the manga sequence the team has come up with for this year and, as you can see from the number of references , could have struck a note far from the Chargers typically'group of fanatics.

Naturally, the art style that was chosen for the show is bright and vibrant which is perfect for any good sports anime. However, it's the level of creative thinking required to blend everything perfectly with Chargers themes that is what makes it stand out. Think of for instance the One Piece Las Vegas Raiders (whom the Chargers will play in their season debut the 11th of September), the Gundam-inspired showdown against. the Kansas City Chiefs and their Patrick Mahomes-themed mech, or it could be the Tennessee Titans' literally being in a match with Attack On Titan. The show is beautiful.

The main character in the Chargers anime are stars like quarterback Justin Herbert, cornerback J.C. Jackson Running back Austin Ekeler and high-rated Madden 23 linebacker Joey Bosa. Joey will have to confront his brother Nick as the Chargers meet them in the San Francisco 49ers come week 10. If it's their head coach Brandon Staley fighting Andy Reid in their mechs for quarterbacks, the team riffing on the Seattle Seahawks losing Russell to the Denver Broncos, or their Los Angeles rivals the Rams throwing out their draft selections there's a little something here for anyone.

NFL teams are continuing to make connections with other industries such as gaming well beyond the annual release of a brand new Madden game. For instance, Doctor. Disrespect recently showed up on draft night to announce the 49ers third-round pick Cheap Madden 23 Coins. Perhaps more football teams should look into creating their own anime trailers. Afterall, Tom Brady's entire career has been full of tension and triumphs to make his own animated arc.

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