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Whether you’re saving up for a card, looking to buy packs, or just like having a big bank account in MyTeam, you're going to need to have a method to make 2K21 MT quickly.

Achievement Hunting Or PVP

he first thing you need to do is decide what you want to get out of MyTeam. Are you interested in completing all the achievements and grabbing all the cards as part of a completionist run? Or are you wanting to throw down in PVP mode and see your username climb the leader boards?

Knowing which goal you want to pursue will define which cards you keep and how to spend your currency more effectively. Generally speaking, Achievement hunting is more long-term and leisurely, while PVP will be about quick gains and grinding.

Build Around Strengths

Once you’ve decided on your long-term goals you need to identify what your strengths are and build a team around them. If you’re better at aggressive play then build an aggressive team, if you find yourself doing better at the three-point line then get players who do well at that range.

You’ll see a lot of players declaring who the best cards are and the best strategies to use on the court, but it does you no good to have the best three-point shooter if you do better going for layups. Figure out what works for you and build around that.

Budget Your MT

It’s very easy to earn MT and it can be tempting to start spending it on every little thing that catches your eye, but don’t do it. You’ll get more out of your MT by budgeting yourself rather than going crazy as soon as a little bit hits your account.

Triple Threat Offline Grinding

One way to quickly amass MT is to play the game mode Triple Threat in Offline. It’s a lot easier to win matches against a computer than against other players and it’s an efficient way of grinding up some MT.

Really Budget Your VC

While MT is fairly easy to come by, VC isn’t as much. Admittedly it’s an infinite resource as you’ll never run out of ways to earn it, but it definitely takes time to obtain a large amount. Because of this, you want to be very, very careful about what you spend it on.

Play Daily (If Possible)

To earn more VC and MT you’ll want to play daily whenever possible. Every day there are challenges you can complete for decent rewards. If you play for seven days in a row you’ll get a chance to spin the wheel and this is where the rewards really lie.

Granted it’s not like you’ll be swimming in VC and MT by playing every day. But that little bit adds up and you’ll find yourself being able to make smart purchases at least once a week.

Buy Low, Sell High

The auction house is a great way to get useful cards for cheap or sell some of your less important cards for a small windfall of MC. The prices here will fluctuate like any free market and you’ll see the prices of things go up and down as the invisible hand dictates supply and demand.

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