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Yeah 2k second gen blew this out the water. This would have been Mut 21 coins a good regular update for a soccer game, but for a new generation update this is pitiful, especially compared to what NBA2K is doing. The RFID/Next Gen Stats thing is the only genuinely new feature that seems like something, and even that's probably gont get noticed from the animations anyways. Sounds too untrue. It is probably gonna be nothing noticeable whilst playing. I can not get hyped. I really won't. The fact that the game comes out in 2.5 months and EA was ready not to provide a hands on preview is terrifying. NFL games are performing that"Next Gen Forged" and monitoring for maybe 2-3 years to my understanding as they broadcast it through games. And this is only now to be executed to make players seem"more authentic" and"true to life".

HOW HAS 2K MASTERED TRUE TO LIFE ANIMATIONS SINCE 2008! (Perhaps before) AND MADDEN IN 2021 IS JUST TALKING ABOUT TRUE TO LIFE PLAYER SPECIFIC ANIMATIONS. I won't believe it til I see gameplay which isn't set out there by EA but the consumer that does not understand how to activate the things that they wish to show to sell the same merchandise for the last 4 years. Take the"next-gen" away from all their bullet points for this update and you've got the same newly touted attributes as every year. . Enhanced participant moves and whatever else they're pushing from the trailer means nothing once the real animations are exactly the same. I will admit, some animations look better this year but most still look pretty bad/old. It all actually needs to be revamped. I am considering the"Living World" features I read in Brian Mazique's article; appears that sidelines are improved pretty substantially with attacking players on the sidelines while shield is out (& vice versa), together with injured players in street clothes. Should be interesting. Edit: All that said, nevertheless really disappointing considering 2k made a great Next gen game for NBA 2K offline/franchise players.

Even the Michael Thomas and Henry Rugg catch animations have been in the game for a couple of years now, and people catches barely happen lol how often is someone catching a 1 handed ball while getting handled lol. I had been hoping the images would at least be great but that didnt even look that cool lol. Exactly. Although, I think graphics are a"need to see to make decision" nowadays especially when most YouTube videos or any videos generally are not being viewed on a proper screen or are compressed. This isn't madden 22, therefore there won't be much cartoon wise, I'll place more pressure on them for'22. This is fundamentally a fresh coat of paint, it looks great but beneath there is still rust. 22 is where they ought to build from the bottom up. We need less cartoons and more physic established interactions again. If they couldn't take time and resources to buy mut coins madden 21 do this time while planning to go next gen and rebuild the game, then they aren't gonna get it in 22.

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