by on January 9, 2021

I honestly expected some enormous changes people have been asking for, why else would it get  Animal Crossing Items multiple awards right. . ?

Since Reddit is giving out a lot of them for free to make people believe more folks are paying for them to promote more people to pay for them.

It is not free coinsat least from what I have seen. For the last few days I've gotten one daily random award for free to give to a post (as an incentive to purchase coins I suppose). You can't select which award you get and you only have 24 hours to utilize it. If you've been given an award token by Reddit, the"C" icon at the top right will say Free instead.

Yeah I came here hoping some shadow-dropped big update, given the awards and thousands of upvotes. I just feel kind of disappointed lol

I can see why people love this sport, but awards for this is a bit much.

I don't understand why I can build cliffs wherever I need yet, not so with inclines. You are limited to 8. Just 8.

Also you can have"fake" bridges (just a small patch of land connecting lands) before you commit to a bridge or just because. But"fake" slopes? Nah. Could be nice if we can get at least some half-height hoppity-hop measures or something. .

I have 2 inclines left 4 places in mind and that I can not decide. . So I guess it'll only be like this forever and carry a ladder everywhere

If they are not going to provide us more inclines, I wish they would at least let us place ladders up against the side of cliffs so we are able to scale them without needing to carry one around.

Yeah some people actually enjoyed how it was glitched so it might be neat if they inserted a fresh rug/floor that did similar things with reflecting the wall at the long run but obviously it kinda sucked for people that actually wanted to utilize that rug as normal.

They ought to at least make it so that if you talk to two villagers of the same personality type at a row they won't give you exactly the exact same piece of conversation since the prior vlager did.

It's crazy how little dialogue is in this game compared to all of the past games. Like, it almost feels as though the  buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Items intent was to spot in dialogue post-launch, but then just forgot about it.


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