There are different types of body reinforcement to consider. In EFT Roubles there are vests for the middle, and afterward there are protective layer rigs. These are prepared through various spaces in your stock. Apparatuses are useful for different reasons. First off, numerous apparatuses give preferred assurance over vests. Second, rigs are not snappy and simple to prepare. The unwieldy interaction of preparing an apparatus makes it less inclined to be plundered of your dead body by an adversary since they will be inclined for some time. Finally, rigs permit a player to convey more extra magazines. 

In Escape from Tarkov reinforcement is given a numeric incentive from two to six LOLGA. The higher the number, the more grounded the shield will be; in any case, a higher number likewise (ordinarily) implies the defensive layer will be more unwieldy and ruin your versatility. Level 3 covering offers a decent blend of insurance and versatility. Similarly as with most gear in this game it comes down to cost versus hazard. 

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